Two delicious bags of greens a month, change your variety any time

4 oz



Available for pick-up at your convenience, any time during the month  or  delievered to you, on our weekly delivery day (Wednesdays) during the delivery window of your choosing. We deliver our Twice Monthly Greens Share on the the 1st and 3rd Wednsday of each month!




Twice Monthly Greens Membership

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Twice Monthly Greens
deliciousness with consistency
$14.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Pick-Up:

    Pick-up is generally available M - S, but our farm is not staffed 24/7 (obviously). Please call or text (971) 404-6487 before arriving to confirm pick up availability for the day. Members signed up for Weekly, Monthly, or Twice Monthly pick-up are not restricted to a time schedule, and may retrieve all or part of their monthly allotment as desired. Want to pick up all your bags at once? No problem!  


    Farm Address:

    3121 South Moody Ave

    Portland, OR 97239



    We deliver on Wednesdays, between 8 am - 8pm. Please select your delivery availability window.

    As one might expect, you can't exactly put a box of greens in a mail box, so please make sure you are home and available during your selected delivery window. Our delivery driver will call if the door is not answered. If the delivery can't be made, your order will be held at Nexgarden's Farm for pick up for two weeks (address above, see instructions)! 

Locally grown at

3121 South Moody Ave

Portland OR