fresh & hot AF lil greens

best salad of your life

textural variety with a kick of spicy flavor: mustard, red mizuna, green mizuna, arugula, and radish

4 oz 


  • Pick-Up:

    Pick-up is generally available M - S, but our farm is not staffed 24/7 (obviously). Please call or text (971) 404-6487 before arriving to confirm pick up availability for the day. Orders can be available same day.


    Farm Address:

    3121 South Moody Ave

    Portland, OR 97239



    We deliver on Wednesdays, between 8 am - 8pm. Please select your delivery availability window.

    As one might expect, you can't exactly put a box of greens in a mail box, so please make sure you are home and available during your selected delivery window. Our delivery driver will call if the door is not answered. If the delivery can't be made, your order will be held at Nexgarden's Farm for pick up for two weeks (address above, see instructions)! 

Locally grown at

3121 South Moody Ave

Portland OR